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The Best Steering Wheel Covers for your car (2020 Guide)

When the steering wheel of a car begins to wear out, it is uncomfortable, as well as unsightly. In these cases the cheapest solution is to buy a cover. Throughout this article we will analyze the best steering wheel covers on the market. As you will see, there are different types, designs, measures and materials. You just have to choose the one that adapts to the steering wheel of your car and that goes with your style. To know more, check out: best steering wheel cover

Recommendations summary

After analyzing several models of car steering wheel covers, we can say that one of the ones that offers the best value for money is the HCMAX . It is universal, for steering wheels with a standard diameter of 38 cm.

Very popular is also the cover marketed by COFIT . It is available in three sizes and in a wide range of colors.

COFIT: Leather steering wheel cover

One of the most popular covers on the market. It is number two in sales on Amazon and in the hundreds of user reviews most of the reviews are positive. It is a universal cover that fits almost all car makes and models. Made of ecological microfiber leather, it offers a good grip.

It is available in 8 colors and in three sizes: S (35.5 / 36cm), M (37 / 38cm) and L (39 / 40.5cm). When placing it, the manufacturer recommends heating it with a hair dryer so that it stretches a bit.

FREESOO: Universal Car Steering Wheel Cover

Measuring a standard 37/38 cm, this cover fits the steering wheels of a host of car makes and models. It is made of ecological leather, with an environmentally friendly rubber interior. The touch is soft, but at the same time it offers a good grip and is non-slip. It is available in 4 colors.

HCMAX: Steering wheel cover 38 cm

In this case we are talking about a microfiber cover with a standard diameter of 38 cm and a fairly elegant aesthetic. It offers a good grip and, being breathable, it absorbs sweat and humidity. Available in five different colors: black, beige, gray, brown and red.

Mayco Bell: Standard Steering Wheel Cover


Do you prefer a steering wheel cover that is sewn? This includes needle and thread. It is compatible with most standard size steering wheels (37/38 cm). Installation instructions are provided by the manufacturer. They basically consist of adjusting the cover and sewing it on the inside so that it is well attached. Sold in 5 different colors.

Buying guide: Everything you should take into account before buying a steering wheel cover
Measurements, design, material, feel, price … When you need to buy the best steering wheel covers, you must analyze a series of criteria.


The first thing you should do is check the measurements of the steering wheel to make sure that the product you are going to buy fits correctly. Do not trust that the manufacturer says that the case is universal, since you may make a mistake. Keep in mind that a smaller steering wheel cover will not be able to fit. If it is too large, it will offer worse grip , with the consequent risk of loss of control of the vehicle.


The steering wheel covers are sold in a wide variety of materials. Leather ones are very popular, as they have an attractive aesthetic and are easy to clean. More economical are the synthetics (microfiber or polyester). Apart from aesthetics, you should keep in mind that the covers are pleasant to the touch and resistant.


The steering wheel of the car also stains, especially if the color is light. That is why it is necessary that the steering wheel cover you buy is easy to clean. Some covers can be machine washed.


It is also very important that the cover offers you a good grip. Leather is a material that naturally provides good support. If you opt for models made of synthetic materials, check that your hands do not slip .

Do you need to change the tires? Practical guide to make the right choice


All the details to replace the tires on time and choose the ones that best suit your driving style.

Ferrari with bad tires is like Carl Lewis running in heels. The advertising campaign was by Pirelli in 1995, the photo was signed by the prestigious Annie Leibowitz, "power without control is useless". Any car needs good tires because the wheels are the only point of contact with the asphalt. If someone does not place Lewis in his memory, it does not matter that he is replaced by Usain Bolt . The conclusion is the same: lack of grip can be fatal. Find more here: general altimax rt43 review

If the tires are bad, old or excessively worn, it is essential to replace them with new ones of the best possible quality. How to choose them? This is a guide to get it right without leaving more budget than the essential.

When should they be replaced?

At the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Usain Bolt broke the world record for the 100-meter dash with the rope untied. That does not work with the wheels of the car and you have to look at two fundamental factors: wear and age of the rubber. When the tread pattern is less than 1.6mm deep, you have to change the tires, yes or yes: apart from the fact that they are no longer safe, you are breaking the law. The tires have a wear indicator that indicates the legal minimum depth: that is the limit, but if they are changed earlier, the better.

What happens if they are not changed?

With tires in poor condition the unnecessary danger is taken for granted , especially on wet or uneven roads, but not only that. The driver is exposed to a penalty of 200 euros … per wheel.

What type of tires to choose?


The choice of tires depends a lot on the type of driving you are going to do and the places where you are going to drive. Normal tires , the usual ones, the summer tires , are the most popular in Spain. They are designed to work perfectly from 7ยบ and at that temperature (and onwards) they perform better than winter ones. But they are not suitable for snow and extreme cold. In contrast, winter ones (marked with the letters M + S or with a three-peaked mountain) have great advantages in cold months, but they wear out a lot at high temperatures.

Mixed tires, called all season, perform their function throughout the year, although with heat they wear more than summer tires and in snow they do not serve to replace the chains, as winter tires do. On the other hand, summer tires can be normal, ecological (designed for a very smooth and efficient ride) or sports, which offer a much superior grip.

There is also the possibility of acquiring run-flat tires, whose reinforced sidewalls prevent them from slipping in the event of a puncture. If this happens, you can drive with them for 80 kilometers at 80 km / h.

How to read the label

For a few years now, new tires have had a sticker similar to that of household appliances. This is the European card and shows three data: rolling resistance, grip on wet surfaces and noise level.

The first is specified by letters that go from A (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient). Between both letters there can be a difference in consumption in the car of up to 7.5% or what is the same, about 300 euros in fuel over the entire useful life of the tire. However, there is a trade-off: the lower the rolling resistance, the lower the grip. Depending on the type of driving done, it is worth evaluating whether savings or safety are preferred.

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